Ever wonder how sensitive your power or sample size calculations are to your input values? Ever wish there was a place with all the power and sample size formulas you need gathered together? We did. That's why we created this site.

We have PhD and Masters degrees, and we know a thing or three about designing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting the results of clinical trials, retrospective and prospective observational scientific studies, survey questionnaires, and probability-based inventory samples ... we've been analysts and practicing statisticians for 10 years.

From our experience we know that power and sample size determinations are an interactive endeavor. Like you, we've found ourselves entering and re-entering input parameters in software several times under different realistic scenarios. And from experience we know that when talking to non-analysts we better have the ability to quickly go back and recalculate power or sample size to answer questions promptly.

Our vision for Power and Sample Size .com is that it be the ultimate resource for those seeking power and sample size calculations. We're in the process of adding new calculators all the time, with the hope that every power and sample size formula you'll ever need will be here. We also want our site to provide the right type of output. If you know a way we can improve, please let us know.

HyLown Consulting LLC
Atlanta, GA